Victoria O’ Hanlon – Monthly Dublab Show (10.16.17)


Victoria O’Hanlon brings you a monthly radio show sharing a mind-bending selection of music. Here is the second episode of her new program that you can stream and download now!

      Victoria O' Hanlon – Monthly Dublab Show (10.16.17)


Art Ensemble of Chicago – People in Sorrow part 1 – People in Sorrow

Keith Jarrett – Forget Your Memories (and They’ll Remember You) – Birth

Keith Jarrett – Remorse – Birth

Meredith Monk – Prologue – Our Lady of Late

Patty Waters – It Never Entered My Mind – College Tour

Diamanda Galas – The Thrill is Gone – Malediction and Prayer

Tatsuya Nakatani – excerpts from “Solo Percussion” LP – Taiga Records

Dick Higgins – excerpts from “Poems and Metapoems” – Recital Program

Jessika Kenney – Pamor – Atria Records

Bill Orcutt – O Platitudes! – VDSQ Solo Acoustic Volume Ten – VDSQ

Jeriann Hilderley – Sea Wave – Jeritree’s House of Many Colors

Joseph Jarman – Adam’s Rib – Song For

Robert Ashley – The Park (excerpt) – Private Parts

Merdith Monk – Unison – Our Lady of Late

Art Ensemble of Chicago – People in Sorrow part 2 – People in Sorrow