UNKNOWN PORTRAITS – top of the morning

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They had been trekking through the mountains for 17 days, chewing on coca leaves and their tongues. Fog covered the path so thickly that every step was a great risk. Those in the lead fell first thus the human train was a hierarchy.

The hopeless twelve led with bulky items expendable as their flesh. They were ghosts melting into mist. Next came men hauling bundles of food, ammunition and alcohol. Four guides followed within earshot. Hearing was their greatest tool, for treachery ahead was indicated by audible death.

By rope, the guides pulled stubborn llamas carrying GOLD * GOLD * GOLD. These glittering nuggets were pried from the ancient Earth under the close inspection of seven foreign “emisarries” whose guns had long ago given them governance. These gringos followed the pack as they had ruled them, with elitist ignorance and cruel disregard.

They drove the expedition like a primitive automobile. The accelerator: their hasty greed. The pedal: pistol shots fired ahead. These bangs brought a hastened pace, tumbling bananas and often, bones shattering on steep cliffs.

Soon after one such “rev of the engine” the caravan came to a sharp corner. The natives disappeared around the bend followed by the buttocks of gold-bearing llamas. Once they curved around the mountainside the path widened and the gringos found themselves face to face with a tobacco skinned woman bearing dark, ebony eyes. Her bright shawl sparkled in the sun and her teeth glinted razor sharp but this odd apparition surprised them far less than the disappearance of their entire entourage. So as they panned the trail for their precious cargo the gringos growled, “Where is our GOLD woman?!!” Then she spoke without moving her lips…








The pale “emissaries” froze but in a flash all that remained were seven empty hats and a fine, bloody mist floating on the breeze.

Illustrations by: Kozy
Story by: frosty

These images & words will be appearing amongst illustrious others between the glowing covers of Kozy’s “Unknown Portraits” book. Visit kozyndan.com for the full scoop.

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