UNKNOWN PORTRAITS – the mountain man

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What are you staring at? Have you never seen such a wet, mighty beard? Does my craggy scalp and titanic bust frighten you? Well, wipe that fear clear and come closer so I can tell you a few things about myself.

Like you were once a sperm and egg I too was two. Long ago, much longer than you can imagine even with your eyes shut, these mountains weren’t here. There was merely a misty river and whispering wind. Then one night the sky rained rocks. This heavy downpour was the work of mystic figures. The sky spirits were having a ball and needed a beat, so throughout the evening they dropped rocks in the river and danced to the rhythm of plop plop plop. The party raged, bounced and bopped until all the celestials were passed out or humping like bumblebees.

Some centuries later a small girl came stumbling down the riverside wrapped in tears. She was warbling and weeping, “Oh me, oh my! I must!” You see she had been sailing smoothly along with her folks until their wooden canoe hit a rough patch and flipped bottoms up. Their sailing songs turned to shrieks and the family scattered like sand. Mom and Pop ended up heaped on one bank while their sweetie was stranded on the opposite.

By some wondrous miracle she hadn’t a scratch but discovered her parents were a bloody mess so she ran to and frenzied fro trying to find a way to forge the rapids. She finally stopped in frustration and picked up a stone (remember it’s mystic origin!). She grasped it close to her lips kissing the surface with hot breath and wished for a way across the water. Then with all her might she threw the rock into the river.

Take the little one’s wish to cross the river + mix that with a magic rock = and you have the makings of me. The moment she threw the stone into the river I was born with a great rumble. The ground shook, the rapids bubbled and I, the thrown stone, expanded. Soon I was a great, granite hump bridging the banks. The little lass ran to her parents and nursed them back to health while I kept growing into the peculiar mountain you’ve just met. Thanks for your time, enjoy the rest of your journey and remember that wishes are always worthwhile.

Illustrations by: Kozy
Stories by: frosty

These images & words will be appearing amongst illustrious others between the glowing covers of Kozy’s “Unknown Portraits” book. Visit kozyndan.com for the full scoop.

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