The Urxed – Crushing with… (10.22.15)


The Urxed (Robert Barber) delivers to you his own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as well as sharing his zone with guest crushes, live or in the mix.

      The Urxed - Crushing with... (10.22.15)


Spacemen 3 – Ecstacy Symphony
Tappa Zukie – Man A Warrior
Tonstrartssbandht – Lidga
39 Clocks – Stupid Art
Valet – Nature
The Roots Radics Band – The Alien Aborts
Caberet Voltaire – Stolen From Spectra
Helm : Olympic Mess
Flying Lizards – Preface
SURVIVE – Scalar Wave
Steve Hauschildt – Sundialed
Varg – Agngatan
Cat 500 Honingin
INIT – Take A Long Walk
Coni – Into The Silly World
Sling & Samo – Karawan
Mio Mio – Mall Grab
Florist – Earth Dance
Earthly – King Dubby Digital
DJ Sprinkles – Brenda’s $20 Dilema
D. Tifany Mellow Vibe
Mail Grab – Drive
Brown Irvin – Bay Fog
Eduardo De La Calle – I Think I Love You
Saffraon – Yalla (Moska)