The Urxed – Crushing with… (03.22.18)


The Urxed (Robert Barber) delivers to you his own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as well as sharing his zone with guest crushes, live or in the mix.

      The Urxed - Crushing with... (03.22.18)


Black Dice – Things Will Never Be The Same
Joni Mitchell – Song To A Seagull
Patricia. – Thoughts Of You
Gel Set – Down Along
Caberet Voltaire – Silent Command
Palmbomen II – Ultimate Lovestory Fantasy
Section 25 – Be Brave
Shinichi Atobe – First Plate 2
Multiple Man – Hotter Than Hell
Hawkwind – Opa Loka
A Certain Ratio – Knife Slits Water
Hard Corps – Desolation Land
Buffalo Springfield – Expecting To Fly
Cluster – Hollywood
The Clean – Point That Thing
The International Submarine Band – Sum Up Broke
Red Dragon – Duck Dance
Sandoz – Red Devil
PIL – Careering
Not Waving – 24
Blawan – Vibe Decorium
Helena Hauff – Hdowed