The Urxed – Crushing With… (01.24.19)


The Urxed (Robert Barber) delivers to you his own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as well as sharing his zone with guest crushes, live or in the mix.

      The Urxed – Crushing With… (01.24.19) - The Urxed


Nocturnal Emissions – Ape Chime
Identified Patient – Weerloos
Pink Industry – Walk Away
Twins – What We All Sing
Lucrecia Dalt – Anticlines
Vanligt Folk – Grisebassen
Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins – All Kinds Of Heros
Christina Vantzou – At Dawn
Julius Smack – Time Moves Slow Now
Absent Music – Walking Back To Happiness
Kris Baha – Can’t Keep The Fact
Future Fosil – 28B
Kas Product – Mind
Vertical 67 – Out Of Sight
Conrad Schnitzler – Tanze Im Regen
Dave Clarke (feat Anika) – I’m Not Afraid
Minny Pops – Dolphins Spurt
Cloudface – Acid Fades
Hailu Mergia – Shilela
Celldod – Allting Faller
Forest Drive West – Never For Tomorrow
Ende Shneafliet – Champagne
Karen Gwyer – Why Does Your Father Look So Nervous?
Biosphere – Just A Kiss
Shed – Sumpa
Essential Logic – Music Is A Better Logic
Palais Des Bauzards – In The Grass Field
Jad Fair – Spinning Pins