Once there was a dream called music. It lived high in the sky above our bustling bodies. Every so often those below (being us) would catch a glimpse of music floating to and fro. Not the whole shebang maybe just an elbow of an oboe’s soul or the tip of a triangle’s brilliant tone. That lucky lad or lass would be so awe struck with love that they would swoon to the floor glowing with happiness. This effect was not of the temporary type. It would last for years and sometimes forever. Even the smallest realization of the immense beauty swirling above us would be enough to alter one’s path. The “touched” would build ladders longer than any seen on red fire engines. They would craft bamboo stilts hoping to get higher and higher. Sometimes these attempts would be so dangerous that a knee would get scuffed or an elbow roughed up. We Labrats (then just regular folks in pant legs) would see these stunts and thought, “It all has to change. We need to safely help our fellow folks reach the music they so desire.” So we grabbed a microphone, plugged it into master control, and spun the chrome dome round and round and round and round and round until it was barely a blur and then ZOOM we sent it upwards. The dublab microphone flew high into the sky where it still lives today wide open for all the beautiful music to reach your waiting ears. Enjoy!

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