Steph Russ – Heart Pressure Radio w/ guests Draveng & Aura T-09 (02.01.18)

Heart Pressure Radio is a monthly program on the First Thursday of every month, hosted by Steph Russ. Steph began her radio career as a DJ and Events Manager at WXYC Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina’s freeform radio station. She has been DJing for radio and live events since 2006. You can find her in Los Angeles hosting parties, mixing energy cocktails, working for Fade to Mind, and playing hard feminine Live PA sets as Heart Pressure.

      Steph Russ – Heart Pressure Radio (02.01.18)



Aura T-09 / Heart Pressure B2B:

Aphex Twin – 20 Pink Floyd
Ralph Wiggum – Nelly Fertado Say It Right Acid Junk Mix
Cabassa – Four1
DJ Pierre – Generate Power
Solardo – Keep Pushing On
Robert Hood – The Bond We Formed (Slam’s S25 Retro Fit Remix)
Ralph Wiggum – Liberian Girl Love Mix
Piezo – Fkn Intercom
A-Sim – Drama
C Powers – Change in Terms of Service
Broken English Club – Breaking the Flesh (Original Mix)
Malt – Acidict
Gaunt – La Haine
Hodge – Chatter Hodge Remix
Objekt – Needle & Thread
Textasy – Blow Your Head
London Modular Alliance – Advance and Proceed
DJ Q – Pull Up (Original Mix)
Kingdom – Nurtureworld


Carsten Jost – outtro
Koova – Links
Carsten Jost – Ambush
Future Sound of London – Amoeba
Physical Therapy – Lunch Break
Bintus – Acid Shores
Zyntax Motorcity – 07 EP
Efdemin – Decay (E.R.P. Remix)
Futers – Cide
Person of Interest – Lost 1
Jazzy and Neat – Watch the Girl Get Raw
Dj Xanax – unknown (EDR 004)
Draveng – Hang Eleven
Physical Therapy – Hit the Breaks (Bonus Beats)
U7 – Mimyians
Prometheus Process – Clarity From Deep Fog
Feminielli Noir – Pisseur (Rapide)
Ms Jade – Ching Ching
Tracy Lee – The Theme