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dublab’s bi-annual Proton Drive fundraisers are our unique version of the public radio fund drive. These initiatives provide 50% of our operating budget. Listeners around the world make donations while dublab djs and special guests stream live for twelve hours daily on dublab.com. Your sponsorship will be presented as a call to action. Your brand becomes a highly visible element of our broadcast and our listeners will appreciate your support of dublab.

Proton Drive dates

May 1st – 31st Spring Drive
November 1st – 30th Fall Drive

One Day Sponsorship = $500

Three Day Sponsorship = $1,000

  • Exclusive sponsorship for Proton Drive live broadcast date of your choice.
  • 200 x 200 pixel banner on dublab.com for sponsorship day (see screenshot).
  • On-air mention by dublab djs each hour during the 12 hour live broadcast.
  • Two exclusive social media blasts on broadcast day to announce your sponsorship.
  • Your logo and link featured in sponsor recognition wall throughout the Proton Drive.

For additional information and to activate your sponsorship please contact:
Alejandro Cohen / 323.603.8187 / ale@dublab.com

Sponsorship Banner Example: 

proton drive sponsor space

Sponsorship recognition wall example:

dublab sponsorship bar

proton drive pic tiles