Secret Circuit – Cosmic Neighborhood (08.03.18)


An avid record collector for many years, the “Cosmic Neighborhood” will focus on new finds, old classics, and self made experiments in genres ranging from electronic, krautrock, psych, disco, house, dub, world, soul, punk, noise, lite jazz and and spiritual musics all blended into one brain melding coincidence. Even the occasional live performance can occur without warning! – Secret Circuit

      Secret Circuit – Cosmic Neighborhood (08.03.18)


-Some vinyl records that have been sitting in a stack for a while. No plans. Even though it sounds like it was an intricately planned experience, I assure you, it was anything but. Still, I presented these:

Jason Kohar- The Layout Of Failure
Sea Urchin- Yohforo
Equiknoxx- Heather Emissaries
Pablo’s Eye- Amb 7
Angelo Ioakimoglu- u220sax2
Ara Macao- Canyon
Michal Turtle- Uiko’s Return To Jeka
John Makin and Friends- No Lie
Yakuaki Shimizu- Tsuzuraori No Onna
Cybe- Ricefields
Vox Populi- Tchi Tchi
Pili Pili- Virgin Jungle
Zaka Percussion- Sahel
Glen Adams- Stop The Fussing And Fighting
Walter erdin- De Zus Van Adeline
Womack & Womack- MPB
Mr Fingers- Tiger Lounge
Shams Din- Hedi Bled Noum (Inst)
Italo Disco Track?
Italo Disco Track?
Oija Edit
Sun Ra Edit
DJ Rels (Madlib)