Richard Fearless guest hosting – DWELL TIME (12.11.18)

Host J. Tripp of the image and sound collective GEORGIA blends influences into a blend of noise, funk, jazz, and more. This fusion forms the signature sound of GEORGIA, across multiple planes, styles and feels. DWELL TIME is a swell time, comprende?

This episode was guest hosted by special guest Richard Fearless

Richard Fearless, aka Death In Vegas, has spent his career fusing electro, dub, rock, psychedelia, soul and solid-gone experimentation to create a sound that is spacious and other-worldly, while also segueing with the pop mainstream. He cut his teeth as a DJ at the Job Club in the early ’90s. He became a reluctant hero of the big beat scene, a resident DJ at the hallowed Heavenly Social, and soon found himself putting a live band together to tour his first Death In Vegas album, 1997’s ‘Dead Elvis’. Fearless gained a new production partner (Tim Holmes) as well as a few celebrity guests (Iggy Pop, Bobby Gillespie) for 1999’s The Contino Sessions. Paul Weller, Hope Sandoval, and Oasis’ Liam Gallagher were on hand for 2002’s Scorpio Rising.

Without any guest stars and very few vocal tracks, Death in Vegas’ fourth album, Satan’s Circus, arrived in 2004 in the U.K. and 2005 in the U.S. The mix CD Fabriclive.23 got its worldwide release in 2005. A move to New York City kept Fearless away from the Death in Vegas project until 2011, when the “Your Loft My Acid” single preceded the release of the album Trans-Love Energies. Since the release of this album, Fearless’ music has been more dance-oriented than the guitar-heavy work of his main band, and in 2014 he resurrected his Drone label and began releasing solo singles as well as acid techno 12″s by Gabriel Gurnsey (of Factory Floor) and Michigan producer as well as 12”s released under his own name: “Higher Electronic States”, “Overview Effect”, “Night Blind”, and “Sweet Venus”.

In 2015, Fearless became associated with reissue-heavy German label Bureau B, which released a 12″ of his remixes of “Speed Display” by Moebius/Plank/Neumeier. Fearless also compiled Kollektion 04, a selection of material from the label’s extensive catalog.

Fearless followed up in early 2016 with Death in Vegas’ sixth full-length, Transmission, a collaborative effort with writer and actor Sasha Grey.

Enjoy this special late night session.

      Richard Fearless guest hosting - DWELL TIME (12.11.18)