r.r barbadas w/guest Tyler Pope – Crushing with… (08.25.16)


On “Crushing with r.r. barbadas”, L.A.-based duo Robbee Barber & Rona Rapadas deliver to you their own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as well as sharing their zone with guest crushes, live or in the mix. Robbee aka the Urxed (his solo recording, performance, & artist persona) was half of the duo, High Places (Thrill Jockey, PPM, Upset the Rhythm). Rona Rapadas is a music coordinator for motion pictures and has worked on over 20 film soundtracks. She’s also a vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist and was half of the Brooklyn/Oakland electronic duo, Alias & Tarsier (Anticon).

      r.r barbadas w/guest Tyler Pope - Crushing with... (08.25.16)


Guest mix by Tyler Pope:

Um Bom Natal Pra-Doqui Matinhos
Rushing Into Water-Tolouse Lotrax
Asafi Beesuon-CK Mann
Ire-Sunny Ade
Akabu Theme(Trevor Jackson Bonus Beats)-Akabu
Abele Dance 85-Manu Dibango
Memory Fails Me(Oni Ayhun remix)-Patrick Cowley
Emanon(I Robots Remix)-Rhythm Is Rhythm
Stricker-Uncle Jesse
Drum Track-Kush Jones
Ruba Soldja-Dj Maboku

r.r. barbadas mix:

Michael Vidal – Facil
Litüus ‎- PRTN:_003/1 – – 19805. -_ 19905, Avian
M/A/N/Ø/S – For This Aeon
Red Axes ‎– Kicks Out Of You Featuring Abrão – Ballad Of The Ice
Not Waving – 24
Diesel/Jarvis ‎– Din (re-edit of Kikrokos – Jungle D.J) – Moton
Yancitygurl – Lowtions
The Endless Poker’s – ! The Poke ! (Your Turn 2 Work Me Mix)
Seagrave – Baku Baku
TM404 ‎– 202/303/303/606/SY1/TG33 – Svans – Kontra
Tochigi Canopy – 78 Gulf Ressac
808 State – Magical Dream
Burning Pyre – Porcelain Appearance
Tropic of Cancer – The Dull Age