r.r barbadas w/guest Chlorine Mist – Crushing With…

On their monthly Dublab show “Crushing”, Rona & Robbee deliver their own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as well as sharing their zone with guest crushes, live or in the mix.

This episode features guest Chlorine Mist!

      r.r barbadas w/guest Chlorine Mist – Crushing with… (06.28.18)


mariah – shisen

omid walizadeh – modern persian speech sounds A1

bliscord – hiding feat taja

friendzone – taswell

bliscord – snake pity / mortal eye

chlorine mist – striferave

dream 2 science – breathe deep

s u r v i v e  – floating cube

dream 2 science – liquid

suicideyear – days forever feat. georgia

dustin wong + takako minekawa – garden of earthly flanger

suicideyear – interlude

friendzone – retailxtal

friendzone – first love xoxo

dylan reznick (chlorine mist):

squadda b – underground6

jeffro – 12th sign

friendzone – appropriate x

swimful – offline VIP

keyboard kid – W1+chBlVd3

gummybear – cant go wrong (feat friendzone)

friendzone – !! Major

friendzone – the pushing

Sicko Mobb – Round N Round

MondreM.A.N. – ha haaaa

nomak – Radiant

Young Thug – Just might b

chlorine mist – fantasy 4.3 (unreleased)

kitty – MISS U

Ford & Lopatin – New Planet

Chlorine Mist – No Need

Friendzone – L.R.C.

Friendzone – Blast Furnace