r.r barbadas – Crushing with… (07.28.16)


On “Crushing with r.r. barbadas”, L.A.-based duo Robbee Barber & Rona Rapadas deliver to you their own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as well as sharing their zone with guest crushes, live or in the mix. Robbee aka the Urxed (his solo recording, performance, & artist persona) was half of the duo, High Places (Thrill Jockey, PPM, Upset the Rhythm). Rona Rapadas is a music coordinator for motion pictures and has worked on over 20 film soundtracks. She’s also a vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist and was half of the Brooklyn/Oakland electronic duo, Alias & Tarsier (Anticon).

      r.r barbadas - Crushing with... (07.28.16)


Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway – Blizzard – A1 Untitled (Fabrica)
Robert Lawrence – Beach Head
Suicide – Cool As Ice
Carter Tutti Void – ? = (2.5)
Maya – Synthezoid Heartbreak
Mahahiko Sato – Belladonna of Sadness OST – Take It Easy
Luxos – Vihreä Ovi
Martyn Hare – 2BE&aBN
Duran Duran – See Me Repeat Me (1979 demo)
Willie Burns – She Left In Spring – Tab of Acid
Cluster – Prothese
Flipper – In Life My Friends
Low Jack – Scratch Variation – Imaginary Boogie
Xeno & Oaklander – Baroque – Topiary
Uncredited/possibly Jonathan Elias – Sound design for Alien trailer (1979)
Jonathan Elias – Katrina’s Club from Vamp OST (1986)
The Pop Group – We Are Time – Y
German Army – PNG
Le Petit Garcon – Lab.Oratory
Lumigraph – Cape Horn
Neon – Baby Wants To Ride (Instrumental)
Gay Wild – Action Action
De Ambassade – Green Grenade
Moebius & Plank – News
Åmnfx – Please Do It Gently