r.r barbadas – Crushing with… (02.25.16)


The Urxed (Robert Barber) delivers to you his own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as well as sharing his zone with guest crushes, live or in the mix.

      r.r barbadas - Crushing with... (02.25.16)


Infinite Body – A Series Of False Awakenings
Skinny Puppy – Edge Of Insanity
AFX* – Pissed Up in SE1
CTI – Dancing Ghosts (Midnight At Robinwood Mill) – Elemental 7
Robert A.A. Lowe – Untitled
Daniela Casa – Pericolo – Sovrapposizione Di Immagini
$$$TAG$$$ – Lonely Crowd Surfing Arab
Red Axes – Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Ballad Of The Ice
Peter’s House Music – The Mirror Has 2 Faces
Violet Tremors – Spirals Inside – Time Is The Traitor
Nisennenmondai – 3
Symbol – Tracer – Online Architecture
Drvg Cvltvre – Spooky Kind Of Love – Porn Wax Five
Machine Woman – Very Kind Human Being
S U R V I V E – Hourglass – S U R V I V E
Storm Bugs – Objective
Drinking Electricity – Good Times – Overload
Randomer – Kids Play
Unknown Artist – Tricky’s Team
Sleep D – Hydro Dub
Omid Walizadeh – Modern Persian Speech Sounds (Part 1)
Max and Mara – Unseen – Less Ness
Keita Sano – 1979
Minimal Violence Dogs Run The House
Purling Hiss – 1976 – Public Service Announcement