r.r barbadas – Crushing with… (01.25.18)


r.r. barbadas is Robbee Barber & Rona Rapadas, an L.A.-based duo that produces experimental dance music on the dark side of a weird house/techno type of thing. Part Time Punks have compared them to the “sparse and dreamy bits of Chris & Cosey and early Adult.” They have released two EP’s, WET HAIR (2016) and FIRST STEP (2017): https://soundcloud.com/rrbarbadas

On their monthly Dublab show “Crushing”, Rona & Robbee deliver their own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as well as sharing their zone with guest crushes, live or in the mix.

      r.r barbadas – Crushing with… (01.25.18)


Flying Saucer Attack/Telefunken – Part 1 (excerpt)
DIN – B4/Oil
Phew – New World
Superstar & Star – I Want You
Susumu Yakota – Akafuji
Dreems – Heating Up The Voyetra
Eric Copeland – Neckbone (Cooper Saver remix)
The Fall – Rowche Rumble
Fontan – Sen Sen No Sen (Red Axes remix)
LSDXOXO – Smoke Of The Skunk
Ruutu Poiss – Kiiged
S.O.N.S. – Reversed Skies
Mother Of Mars – Hera In The Valley
Ciel – Rain Dance
LFO – Simon From Sydney
Ringard – Ryngar Est Chauve
Phew – Antenna