PHORK guest hosting – Section Cut (06.02.16)

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A monthly section cut with shifting orientations. A monthly cursor, a two hour duration distinguishing a before and an after. An ensemble of momentums, a collection of moods, an observant spectator, an oblivious presence, a gathering of accelerating and decelerating gaits.

$3.33 is the price of the best of luck with your own life and death. $3.33 is the most recent update for a long time ago and I love you so much fun to watch. $3.33 has been a good time waster but the fact that the government has said that it will take a nap in my room for improvement is not an issue. $3.33 is not an easy way out of a sudden urge to watch the game. It is $3.33 a gallon of the best thing ever when you have no idea what to say. $3.33 more than one million dollars in my head is pounding and the rest is history.

      PHORK guest hosting - Section Cut (06.02.16)


Railer (Further Exploration) – Planetary Assault System
Too Much Time Has Passed (Dresvn Remix) – Asusu
Summers Gotta End Sometime – Bruce
Paradise – Transient Waves
Is Infinity – Earthen Sea
King TROUP – Young Thug
Save It Ft. Ed Sheeran – Tory Lanez
Down On Me (Remix) – Alkaline
XLB – Pearson Sound
Just Getting Started – Bruce
With Patsy – Tessela
Its Working – Gremino
Coelho 2025 – DJ Firmeza
Euphoria – DJ T
With You On My Side – McFerrdog
Solvent – Pangaea
I Ping – Paid Reach
_no_decision* – Killd By
Perspectives – Peder Mannerfelt
#54 – Ripatti
Data.Matrix – Ryoji Ikeda
Throwin Money – Sicko Mobb
Guantanamo Paycheck / BB Burner (Humidity Fix) – Co La
Gong Bath – Slow Riffs
The Bristol Project – Vito Acconci