Philip Jeck guest hosting – Non Projections (05.10.16)


Philip Jeck

Presenting and demonstrating their work…

Touch (est. 1982) is one of the last surviving labels from the turbulent new wave period in London, which uniquely fused art, design and music. Hear artists from the label roster present and demonstrate their work to a discerning audience.

Philip Jeck uses turntables and sampler to create a unique sonic improvisation, both emotionally captivating and technically involving.

      Philip Jeck guest hosting – Non Projections (05.10.16)


Hildur Gudnadottir – My (Mount A, Touch)
Philip Jeck – Tilting (Surf, Touch)
Philip Jeck – Station View (Cardinal, Touch)
Philip Jeck live at Dublab
Claire M Singer – Eilean (Solas, Touch)
Fennesz – Vacuum (Black Sea, Touch)
Jana Winderen – zero (unreleased)