one word : 2 : evermore-so

and yet I felt evermore-so. Hello morning, hello life. Onto bright paths I glided. The grass was swaying in the Sun’s spotlight. Each blade fluttered and whispered in the perfection of its presence. I could hear the shots ringing out already, like a memory of the future. My heart was aglow.

and yet I felt evermore-so. I was solid. My feet moving yet still like granite. Each fraction of a second of a fraction of a second its own forever. All moments were strung together but emperors of their own. With this thought my mouth creased into a smile and I could almost taste salt & pepper from my richly coloured mustache. I whistled and strolled onward. One hand swung my cane like a pendulum from its silver balled top while the other rested on the equally shiny handle of my revolver. Tucked snugly in my coat, it dreamt of smoking.

and yet I felt evermore-so. I walked past the church and its steeple pointed at me like a devil. I didn’t notice. I crossed paths with a black cat. It hissed. I missed this too. I blinked and a thousand mirrors in a thousand happy homes shattered. I didn’t hear a thing. My mind cycled through the events leading up to this special outing and I felt like the luckiest man alive. I had met her in the twilight of a wrecked day. If my neck hadn’t been beaten so sore by life I would have hung my head low. Instead I walked on with heavy woe in every pore and pour it did. I lashed out at all in sight. “Damn you brick,” I spit. “To hell with you handrail! I wish you all the worst candlestick.” Clasped in curses my vision bubbled red but through this film a form faded in. Hidden in half light came a spirit, cloaked in sapphire aura. She possessed a beauty so rare as to be insured in the currency of eternity. This pure feminine essence curled towards me like smoke. Suddenly her body was upon me and my breath heated her neck just before my lips touched it. We remained in such intimate proximity every afternoon for eight months. Upon discovery of our fun her husband wasn’t so thrilled, so today has come.

and yet I felt evermore-so. Through the bog I reached the brush and through the brush I reached the clearing. I was still whistling upon arrival but they stood three with scowls fathoms deep. Was I at the wrong party? No, the revolver glimmering in his hand assured me this was the place to be. Why so glum I thought? I clearly knew the answer and decided not to voice my query aloud in fear the angry husband may forgo his ten paces and fire at will. I perched my cane against a stump and peeled off my overcoat, admiring it. Each stitch so strong yet fanciful. Fine embroidery cascaded down the seam of itself and I gazed at the fabric like a father. It really was a fine garment. I grinned while pulling my pistol from its pocket and draped the grand coat over my tilted cane.

and yet I felt evermore-so. Once facing my foe he gave me the obligatory slap with his glove. Had I not seen this same contrived scene painted on his parlour wall while enveloped in the splendor of his wife’s flesh? I smiled even wider and his fiery eyes ignited. He demanded our proceedings start without delay so under golden rays and flower kissed air we stood back to back. Together we stepped forward ONE I saw her dark curls shining under starlight TWO her sweet scent kissed my senses THREE my tongue sketched her silhouette FOUR her frantic teeth punctured my lip and warm salt filled our mouths FIVE her hips rose to me with the equal energy of my pursuit SIX my pistol was radiant SEVEN our sweat mingled in an explosive potion EIGHT intertwined we spiraled through electric darkness NINE I spun and sent a bullet into the back of the still striding fool. I unloaded my second chamber into the pasty forehead of Witness ..1 and left ..2 standing aghast like a putz at Pompeii. With glee I snatched my cane from its tilt and twirled my coat into the crook of my arm. Still smiling, I left the bloody mess and returned to the waiting arms of my love.



one word : exploding expressions of instant impressions

I wanted a fun project to fill my rare, slow moments with creative thought so i asked some pals to each send me a single word. The idea is to just glance at the word and leap off into an adventure. The first spark was “chalupa” from Farmer Dave. The piece above sprouted from “evermore-so” courtesy of the dashing Daedelus Darlington. Thanks!

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