Oase guest hosting- Plaza 2 Plaza (02.02.17)


LA DJ/producer Mor Elian makes music that aims to bridge the gap between techno and house, with an energy that’s ideal for those post-club, after party moments. On her monthly Plaza 2 Plaza radio show on dublab.com she shares these sonic elements with you. This episode was Mor’s finale for 2014 as she soon after zoomed out of the country for a whirlwind trip.

This week features an incredible mix by:
Oase (Studio 1157 – Le Mouton Noir /Fribourg)

Oase is a Swiss DJ based in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland. Inspired by African culture and by world music in general, he is mind-blowing behind the decks. His sets consist of a melting pot of styles ranging from techno to 80s acid house and even funk weapons.

But Oase’s interests do not lie only in DJ-ing. He is an active militant for the preservation and development of electronic music as a whole in his own town. While collaborating with two friends, Oase also created Foupoudav which organized many events such as « Tanzen is auch Sport » at the XXe and « Smoke Machine » at the Mouton Noir. The Club itself and these events were applauded by Traxx Magazine.

Oase is a member of « Studio 1157 », an organization of DJs based in Fribourg which promotes other Swiss and international DJ collectives. In 2015, he also became a member of “Gute Nacht”, the committee for electronic music in Fri-Son who organize the Duplex Electronic Week-end and promotes dance events between the walls.

      Oase guest hosting- Plaza 2 Plaza (02.02.17)