Moebius – Laufmal from “dublab Disco Edits”


Dieter Moebius left this Earthly plane on July 20, 2015 but before transcending, he left us with a wealth of music. As founding member, alongside Hans-Joachim Roedelius, of pioneering German Krautrock group Cluster and one third of Harmonia (Cluster + Michael Rother of Neu!) Moebius made some of the most beautiful, pastoral music to grace the air.

We had the great pleasure of connecting with Dieter Moebius when we co-presented Cluster’s Los Angeles concert in 2008. In addition to their conversation with Nanny Cantaloupe in the dublab studio we had the great pleasure of creating a few films with the duo. You can view those below.

Over the years we stayed in contact with Moebius and he was always eager to support dublab’s positive music mission. When we compiled our DUBLAB DISCO EDITS fundraiser compilation in 2011 he sent three great tunes for inclusion. We hope you enjoy the offering below. You can find the other two Moebius “disco edits” here. We hope you enjoy exploring Dieter Moebius’ vast output of recorded music as much as we have. He will be missed.

      Moebius - Laufmal


CLUSTER “Live at Farmlab” (dublab VisionVersion) from dublab on Vimeo. / Download for iPod

Cluster interviewed by Michael Stock (dublab/Part Time Punks) from dublab on Vimeo.

      Cluster - Live at Farmblab (05.22.08)

DOWNLOAD: Cluster Live Set