Matteo Zarcone – guest DJ Set (01.30.19)

Matteo Zarcone aka Zee is an Italian musician, Dj and producer.

100% Vinyl addicted and collector, he better express his passion and devotion to music on stage.

In his productions as in the Dj sets there is a feel of profound love for Italo Deep House music, which is definitely one of his biggest inspirations.

Warm sounds that harmonize perfectly with energetic old school grooves and a raw touch in producing music, brought him to perform as a Dj in the most prestigious Clubs around the world while as a musician he played with different Bands in Europe,

being opening act for prominent artists such as Oasis, Skunk Anansie, Pearl Jam, Stereophonics, Jamiroquai, Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. etc.

He is the resident Dj for the legendary TENAX club in Florence, one of the most important house music clubs worldwide for over 30 years..

He is also a resident Dj for the Paradox night at the EGG club in London.

      Matteo Zarcone - guest DJ Set (01.30.19)


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