Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (07.28.18)

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SSS is a monthly psychedelic tone poem. It’s equal parts structure and improvisation, meditation and provocation, sacred and profane. It’s made up mostly (though not exclusively) of short compositions or excerpts of compositions. These come from several musical genres and sub genres including spiritual and free jazz, contemporary classical, electronic and electronica, ambient and folkloric music of the world. The source material is sometimes analogue, sometimes digital and often remixed or reedited and augmented by spoken word, sound effects and sometimes even live percussion. It would not exist without hip hop . . .

      Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (07.28.18)


*edited, remixed or otherwise f’ed with by Mark Maxwell


Rupert Cobbett “Ain’t Done Nothing” Peaceful Morning (Soul Deep; 1977)

Aljax3 “NICE 2 MEET U”  download (self released; 2018)

Basa Basa “Black Light” Homowo (Take Your Choice/Vintage Voudou; 1979/2018)

Jamire Williams “The Art Of LOSING YOURSELF” ///////Effectual (Leaving; 2017)

The Inversions “Strike Three (feat Charles Bradley)” download (Daptone; 2018)

Intim.Art “Water, Aigo, Eau . . . ” Sitar For Calcutta (self released; 2018)

Justine Sanderson / Jay Robinson “Current Spaces Vol. 2 (III)” Current Spaces Vol. 2 (self released 2018)

Paul Horn “Alap In Raga Bhairav” In India (Blue Note; 1975)

Craneuhm “Elefants” (SSS Edit) In India! (self released? 2018)

Faizal Ddamba Mostrixx “IIyoo” Afrosist (self released?; 2018)

Clifford Thornton / The Jazz Composer’s Orchestra “Changó Obarí” The Gardens Of Harlem (JCOA; 1975)

David Virelles “Del Tabaco Y El Azúcar (SSS Edit)” Gnosis (ECM; 2017)

Te’Amir “Afrika” Abyssinia (Tru Thoughts; 2018)

? “” Music And Dances Of Occidental Africa (Olympic; 1974)

Black Taffy “In Repose” Parlour Arcana (Leaving; 2018)

Harold Vick “Prayer” Don’t Look Back (Strata-East; 1974)

Jesse Fischer “Fall (feat. Sly5thAve)” Flipped II (self released?; 2018)

Rippps (Niels Broos & Hyroglifics) “Pose” Hues EP (Alpha Pup; 2018)

Okzharp & Manthe Ribane “Tide” Closer Apart (Hyperdub; 2018)


Khalab “Zaire” Black Noise 2084 (On The Corner; 2018)

Pama International “Disco Dub” Pama International Meets Mad Professor (Pama International; 2018)

Astronautica “*69 (Gypsy Mamba Remix)” Gemini Remixes (Alpha Pup; 2019)

Derrick Higgins “With Tingle ’91” The World Is Burning (self released; 2018)

Brian Eno “Shadow” Ambient 4: On Land (Editions EG; 198?)

Alice D. And The Wild Flowers “Mind Full Of Colours” In The Center Of The Room (self released?; 2017)

Elliot Simpson “Gigue (Maggie’s Jigs)” The Wayward Trail (Microfest; 2015)

Geof Bradfield “Chorale” Yes and: Music For Nine Improvisers (Delmark; 2018)

Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures “Scintilla” Dream Garden (Justin Time; 2008)

Cyril Jackson “Samba Afrika“ Afro Drums (Request; 19??)

Jaubi “Lahore State Of Mind” download (Astigmatic; 2018)

Mark de Clive-Lowe “Interlude I” Journey 2 The Light (Freedom School/self released?; 2007/2018)

John Benson Brooks Trio “Ornette” (excerpt) Avant Slant (One Plus 1 = II?) (Decca; 1968)

Fog Lake “the spins” There’s A Spirit There’s A Soul (self released; 2012)

Ellington Peet “Things That Might Be Gone Tomorrow” Expectations (self released; 2018)

Fibonacci “Apparition” Forever (Illuminated Paths; 2018)

Jaubi “Lahore State Of Mind (Al Dobson Jr. Remix)” (excerpt) download (Astigmatic; 2018)

Healing Force Project “Constellation Interlude Part 2” Gravitational Lensing EP (Firecracker; 2016)

Kaidi Tatham “Unique” It’s A World Before You (First Word; 2018)

Sean Khan / Hermeto Pascoal “Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser” (feat. Sabrina Malheiros) Palmares Fantasy feat. Hermeto Pascoal (Far Out; 2018)

Ravi Shankar “Hollywood Raga Paraneshwar (beginning)” (excerpt) In Hollywood, 1971 (Northern Spy; 2017)