Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (06.23.18)

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SSS is a monthly psychedelic tone poem. It’s equal parts structure and improvisation, meditation and provocation, sacred and profane. It’s made up mostly (though not exclusively) of short compositions or excerpts of compositions. These come from several musical genres and sub genres including spiritual and free jazz, contemporary classical, electronic and electronica, ambient and folkloric music of the world. The source material is sometimes analogue, sometimes digital and often remixed or reedited and augmented by spoken word, sound effects and sometimes even live percussion. It would not exist without hip hop . . .

      Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (06.23.18)


*edited, remixed or otherwise f’ed with by Mark Maxwell


Tommaso Cappellato “Pastlife Flashbacks (Afrikan Sciences Remix)” (Part One) Aforemention Remixed (Mashibeats; 2018)

Sonic Liberation 8 “Bombogenic” Bombogenic (High Two; 2016)

Roberto Miguel Miranda “Bembe” Raphael (Nimbus; 1981)

Yazz Ahmed “The Space Between The Fish And The Moon” La Saboteuse (Naim; 2017)

Emanative “Sandhyavandanam” Earth (Jazzman; 2018)

Sun Ra “China Gate“ We Are In The Future (Savoy; 1961/1985)

Sudan Archives “Pay Attention” Sink (Stones Throw; 2018)

C.O.W. “Sweatshop – Pt 1 (SSS Edit)” $hanghai Mone¥ / C.O.W. (Compost; 2017)


James Newton Quartet “Past Spirits” Binu (Circle; 1977)

Liz Aku “Breathing Underwater feat. Mara TK” Ankhor (Sonar Kollektiv; 2017)

Cool Maritime “Forest Bathing (Carlos Niño Tinidad Mix)” Shared Waves (Leaving ; 2018)

Joni Mitchell “The Tenth World” Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter (Asylum; 197)

Jako Maron “Dobout’ Dann Ron” The Electro Maloya Experiments of Jako Maron (Nyege Nyege Tapes; 2018)

Kiefer “Dope Nerd” Happysad (Stones Throw; 2018)


The Midnight Hour “Together Again feat. No I.D. & James Poyser” The Midnight Hour (Get On Down; 2018)

Mildlife “Zwango Zop” Phase (Research; 2018)

Tommaso Cappellato “Pastlife Flashbacks (Afrikan Sciences Remix)” (Part Two) Aforemention Remixed (Mashibeats; 2018)

C.O.W. “Sweatshop – Pt 2 (SSS Edit)” $hanghai Mone¥ / C.O.W. (Compost; 2017)


Darkhouse Family “Synergy” An Extra Offering (First Word; 2018)

Josef Leimberg “Spirits Of The Ancestors” (excerpt) Astral Progressions (World Galaxy; 2016)

Yazmin Lacey “Burn & Rise” When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees (First Word; 2018)

Space Invadas “Mind’s Eye” Wild World (Invada; 2018)

Park Jiha “The Longing Of The Yawning Divide” Communion (Tak:til; 2018)

Brandee Younger “Ebony Haze” Wax & Wane (Disk Union; 2017)

Mop Mop “Alfa” Lunar Love (Agogo; 2016)

Michael White “Lament” The Land Of Spirit And Light (Impulse; 1973)

Sarah Elizabeth Charles “Inner Intro” Inner Dialogue (Truth Revolution; 2015)

Visible Cloaks “Vocal Study” Visible Cloaks (RVNG Intl; 2018)

Jonah Dan “Inter-Galactic Dub Rock” Inter-Galactic Dub Rock (Bokeh Versions; 1995/2018)

TNT Roots “Mighty In Battle 3” Mighty In Battle / Tears Of The Righteous (Bokeh Versions; 2018)

Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 “Little Steps Dub” Oonops Drops Vol. 1 (Agogo Austria; 2018)

Joe Harriott Double Quintet “Raga Gaud-Saranga” Indo-Jazz Suite (Atlantic; 1966)