Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (05.26.18)

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SSS is a monthly psychedelic tone poem. It’s equal parts structure and improvisation, meditation and provocation, sacred and profane. It’s made up mostly (though not exclusively) of short compositions or excerpts of compositions. These come from several musical genres and sub genres including spiritual and free jazz, contemporary classical, electronic and electronica, ambient and folkloric music of the world. The source material is sometimes analogue, sometimes digital and often remixed or reedited and augmented by spoken word, sound effects and sometimes even live percussion. It would not exist without hip hop . . .

      Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (05.26.18)


*edited, remixed or otherwise f’ed with by Mark Maxwell


? (David Lewiston) “Lullaby” Music From The Morning Of The World (Nonesuch; 1988)

WVR BVBY “411” WVR BVBY LP (Plug Seven; 2018)

Ellen McIlwaine – “Wings Of A Horse” – Honky Tonk Angel (Polydor; 1972)

Kait Dunton “Pure Imagination” (SSS mix) TrioKait 2 (Real And Imagined Music; 2018)

Monkees “Opening Ceremony” Head (Colgems/Rhino; 1968/1985

Sun Araw “Tilturn” Laraaji Remixes (All Saints; 2014)

Melvin Van Peeples “Love Thats America” As Serious As A Heart-Attack (A&M; 1974)

The Soulful Strings “Soul Message” Another Exposure (Cadet; 1968)

Yurmx “BITS” ILK (self released; 2018)

? “La ‘Harpe De David’” Musique Traditionnelle D’Ethiopie (Disques Vogue; 1967)

? “Kete Drumming (from the Akan Clan)” Traditional Dancing And Drumming Of Ghana (Folkways; 1976)

Edinho Marundelê E Onias Comenda “Ereum Malê (Saudação À Oxum, Ritual Gegy)” Eu, Bahia (Philips; 1972)

Edinho Marundelê E Onias Comenda “Yêyê Ô (Saudação À Oxum, Ritual Gegy)” Eu, Bahia (Philips; 1972)

Edinho Marundelê E Onias Comenda “Yada Baô (Saudação À Oxum, Ritual Gegy)” Eu, Bahia (Philips; 1972)

Clau Aniz “Trocando De Pele” Filha De Mil Mulheres (Mercúrio Música; 2018)

Reggie Lucas “Electric Reflection” (excerpt) Survival Themes (Inner City; 1978)

The Soft Machine “A Pataphysical Introduction – Part 1” The Soft Machine Volume Two (MCA Coral; 1969)

The Soft Machine “A Concise British Alphabet – Part 1” The Soft Machine Volume Two (MCA Coral; 1969)

The Soft Machine “Hibou Anemone And Bear” (excerpt) The Soft Machine Volume Two (MCA Coral; 1969)

Annette Peacock “Pony” (excerpt) I’m The One (RCA Victor; 1972)

The Zodiac “Gemini” Cosmic Sounds (Elektra; 1967)

Blameful Isles “Orange Sun Tea (Gemini)” Pleroma (Urban Waves; 2018)

Carlos Niño & Friends feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson “8 Moons Blue” Aurorasmushroomtenderness (CNF; 2014)


Camarata Contemporary Chamber Group “Trois Nocturnes – II. Le Deuxieme” The Music Of Erik Satie: The Velvet Gentleman (Deram; 1976)

Sam Gendel “Pure Imagination (Lo Fi)” download (Leaving; 2018)

Eden Ahbez “Full Moon” Eden’s Island (The Music Of An Enchanted Isle) (Del-Fi/Righteous; 1960/2013)

Gail Laughton “Atlantis 21,000 B.C. ” Harps Of The Ancient Temples (Rapture/Laurel; 1969/1978)

Ancient Future “Somaloka” Natural Rhythms (Philo; 1981)

Ravi Shankar – “Tala Rasa Ranga” Portrait Of Genius (World Pacific; 1965)

Quiet Dawn “Risk It” Human Being – The Short Story Of The Reed (First Word; 2018) 

Rene Schier “Astral Travelling” Zazen (Urban Waves; 2017)

Jeff Parker “Visions” The New Breed (International Anthem; 2016)

Kamaal Williams “Broken Theme” The Return (Black Focus; 2018)

Natasha Agrama “Black Narcissus” The Heart Of Infinite Change (World Galaxy; 2017)

Steven Halpern “Dharma Duet (Part Two)” Ancient Echoes (Heru; 1978) + Kenneth Patchen “The Lions Of FIre Shall Have Their Hunting” Selected Poems Of Kenneth Patchen (Folkways; 1960)

Elements “Ambika” The Alchemy (Earth Brother; 2018)

? “Ayak-Ayakan Kaloran” Javanese Court Gamelan Volume II (Nonesuch; 1977)

Lloyd McNeill “Tori (Segment 1)” Tori (Baobab; 1978)

Harding Morning Stars “Ithemba Lami” Mbube! Zulu Men’s Singing Competition (Rounder; 1987)

Jaimie Branch “Theme Nothing“ Fly or Die (International Anthem; 2017)