Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (02.24.18)

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SSS is a monthly psychedelic tone poem. It’s equal parts structure and improvisation, meditation and provocation, sacred and profane. It’s made up mostly (though not exclusively) of short compositions or excerpts of compositions. These come from several musical genres and sub genres including spiritual and free jazz, contemporary classical, electronic and electronica, ambient and folkloric music of the world. The source material is sometimes analogue, sometimes digital and often remixed or reedited and augmented by spoken word, sound effects and sometimes even live percussion. It would not exist without hip hop . . .

      Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (02.24.18)


*edited, remixed or otherwise f’ed with by Mark Maxwell


The Zodiac “Gemini” Cosmic Sounds (Elektra; 1967)

OHLO “Esplendor (Outro)” S/NAPSES (self released; 2018)

AbJo “Kalimba Song” Sankofa (self released; 2017)

GOD.DAMN.CHAN “melt” Slush (Alpha Pup; 2018)

BILAL “FREE” 7” (Waxpoetics; 201?)

Donny Hathaway “Vegetable Wagon” Comeback Charleston Blue (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (ATCO; 1973)

*Woolymammoth “Mustard (feat Yokaze)” (SSS Edit) Filling Spots (Alpha Pup; 2018)

Ras G “Spacewayz !” Destination There EP (Ramp; 2009)

Errol Parker “Daydream At Noon” My Own Bag . . . No. 3 (Sahara; 1975)

Don Peyote “Water Temple” Neptunian Melodies (self released; 2017) 

Laraaji “Interlude II” Vision Songs – Vol. 1 (Numero Group; 2018/1984)

Various “Dance Music” Music From The Kabuki (Nonesuch; 1966)

Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures “Dream Garden” (Meta; )

Sarathy Korwar “Dreaming (Tenderlonious Remix)” Day To Day Remixes (Ninja Tune; 2016) 

Sam Gendel “REV” Pass If Music (Leaving; 2018)

David McCallum “The Edge” Music: A Bit More Of Me (Capitol; 1967)

Obuxum “Freaky Tuesday” Cosmic Melanin Compilation (88 Days Of Fortune; 2017)

Los Sobrinos Del Juez “Glorioso San Antonio” The Judge’s Nephews Audio Latino; 1976)

*Perez Prado “Mary Esther” El Unico (Dimsa; 1972)

DIDAFLO “Feels” Rachel’s Suffering At The Hands Of The Sentinels . . . (Fat Beats; 2017)

Blue Series Continuum “Modulate”

Gil Mellé “Jog Falls Spinning Song” Tome IV (Verve; 1966)


Darkhorse Family “The Offering” The Offering (First Word; 2017)

Wali And The Afro-Caravan “” Home Lost And Found (Solid State; 1970)

Big Black “Cure” Message To Our Ancestors (Uni; 1969)

*Ondatrópica “Rap Maya” (SSS Rapless mix) s/t (Soundway; 2012)

William Roper “De Boll Weevil (vocal)” Boll Weevil Ruminations (Tomato Sage Consortium; 2010)

Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda “Lejos Te Llevas El Espejo De Tu Rostro” A La Izquierda Del Colibrí (Emotional Rescue; 2017)

? “Sun Dance Song” Music Of The American Indian (Olympic; 1976)

Masaki Uchida “Blind Blue” Xenolinguistics (Loose Lips; 2017)

Matthewdavid “Yearns Out” Time Fying Beats (Leaving; 2018)

Rob Milton “Georgia Taught Me (Outro) -Featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow” Healer (self released; 2017)

John Handy Concert Ensemble “Projections” Projections (Columbia; 1968)

Ali Jihad Racy “The Lamentation Of Isis” Ancient Egypt (Lyrichord; 1979)

Moondog “?” s/t (Columbia; 1969)

flowerboy. / guero. “notes_” Transmissions Vol. 1 (self released; 2017)

Marc Cary “For Hermeto” Rhodes Ahead Vol. 2 (Motema; 2015)

Jimi Hendrix “Angel” The Cry Of Love (Reprise; 1971)

Mikael Seifu “The Protectors” ዘላለም / Zelalem (RVNG Intl.; 2016)

Pharoah Sanders “Ntjilo Ntjilo / Bird Song (Lullaby To A Child About A Canary)” Rejoice (Theresa; 1981)

Stanley Cowell – “Thank You, My People” – Regeneration (Strata-East)