LiveSoundtracks Festival – Day 2 – Ensemble Economique, Brunetto & Xarlene, Papa Rock, Stooge


We were partners of the first edition of Movistar LiveSoundtracks. Film festival? Live music festival? LiveSoundtracks combines both: silent film excerpts with featured live music.
Music transform our interpretation of the moving image. The Artists who were performing on stage, ripped the house down with their fresh tonal-lecture of the film selections, contributing to the atmosphere and giving the audience an emotional cue.
It was a cinematic experience.

Papa Rock’s set is something like his fantasy soundtrack. Or those tunes you’ve once heard and thought, this would work perfectly with that scene. In his own words: ‘Música que me a mi me motiva movida del cine’. A long highway of guitars and all time driving classics.

      Papa Rock Cinematic Set

Ensemble Economique selected 4 of the 8 segments of Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Dreams’. The result was atmospheric and dense, going hand to hand with the directors intention of persuading the audience.

      Ensemble Economique LiveSoundtracks (excerpt)

Brunetto & Xarlene decided to re-work both musically and visually Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, with a free-adaption of all the movies inspired by this seminal book.

      Brunnetto & Xarlene LiveSoundtracks (excerpt)

Stooge played some deep groovy jams that could be on that jukebox, on that scene, on that movie, … where is a roadside bar full of misfits, Hells Angels and a stripper looking for a second chance.

      Stooge Cinematic Set (excerpt)


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