Katie Gately – Roving Specks (10.12.17)

Freeform, ambient, experimental, semi-classical and electronic flow. I’ll try focus on one set of vocal cords per show in order to celebrate a specific singer-crush every month. All else will be instrumental and non-semantic. – Katie Gately

      Katie Gately – Roving Specks (10.12.17)


Dan Joseph “Dulcimer Flight EI”

Aube + M.B. “Stephen Stoned”

Chihei Hatakeyama “Granular Haze”

Phill Niblock “Sax Mix”

Seefeel “Gatha”

Suicide “Frankie Teardrop”

Phill Niblock “Alto Tune”

Scott Walker “Sons of”

Syd Barrett “Late Night”

James Blackshaw “The Cloud Of Unknowing”

Bjork “An Echo, A Stain”

Zola Jesus “Stridulum”

Twine “Plectrum”

This Mortal Coil “Come Here My Love”

Spacemen 3 “An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music”

William Basinski “dip 6”