Katie Gately – Roving Specks (02.08.18)

Freeform, ambient, experimental, semi-classical and electronic flow. I’ll try focus on one set of vocal cords per show in order to celebrate a specific singer-crush every month. All else will be instrumental and non-semantic. – Katie Gately

      Katie Gately – Roving Specks (02.08.18)


Jessica Moss – “Entire Populations (Part III)”

Efrim Manuel Menuck -“The Beauty Of Children And The War Against The Poor”

A silver mt zion – For Wanda

Those Who Walk Away -The Infected Mass (excerpt)

Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – “With the Dark Hug of Time”

Eric Chenaux – ” Wild Moon”

Do Make Say Think – “The Fare to Get There”

Jason Sharp – A Boat Upon Its Blood, Pt. 1 & 3

Last Ex – Cite d’or (2014)

Saltland – A Common Truth

Hiss Tracts – shortwave nights

Carla Bozulich – Evangelista I

Esmerine – Que Se Vayan Todos

GYBE – Moya & BBF3