Jimmy Tamborello w/guest Doom Trip Records – Dying Songs (04.12.18)


“Dying Songs” focuses on melancholic electronic music but isn’t limited to that. Sometimes it gets dark, sometimes I try to mix techno awkwardly, sometimes i get nostalgic… I like stuff that’s dreamy, ghostly, pretty and sad. I’ll try out new productions of my own, as well. I’m keeping it pretty open and we’ll see how it evolves.” – Jimmy

      Jimmy Tamborello w/guest Doom Trip Records – Dying Songs (04.12.18)



ESPRIT 空想  – Ballad4   (Doom Mix Vol. II)

Vektroid – Motions Feel (Edit)   (PrismCorp)

ポム – 私たちの最後のダンス [[Our Last Dance]]   (Midnight Moon Tapes)

Mukqs – ゾッド   (Doom Trip)

Tiziana Rivale – Ash   (Flashback Records)

Chic – I Want Your Love   (Atlantic)

Madlib – Stormy   (Blue Note)

Ricci Rucker – Do You See The Pattern?   (Alpha Pup)

R. Stevie Moore – Rolnd 01A: GOAT   (Doom Mix Vol. II)

Body Trains – Breath of Echo   (Self-Released)

Argiflex – Jenkem Baby   (Doom Mix Vol. II)

Diamondstein – Taghut #2   (Doom Mix Vol. II)

Sangam – Left Wing   (Doom Mix Vol. II)

HOTT MT – At Night In Chinatown   (Doom Trip / Mutation)
Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves You   (Yellow K / Dead Oceans)

Nobuo Uematsu – Blue Fields – FF VIII OST –   (Squaresoft)

王菲 – Divide 分裂   (Cinepoly)

Sonoda – Do You Want To Find Out   (Third Kind)

Hattie Cooke – Song 14   (Third Kind)

Hirokazu Tanaka – Chill Theme   (Dr. Mario OST) 

Tarkamt – Death Takes A Vacation   (Doom Trip)

Braeyden Jae – Rubble Knuckle   (Doom Mix Vol. II)

Dntel – Toy Pudding   (Doom Mix Vol. II)

Dntel – Bike Path   (Leaving Records)

Swan Meat – All Dogs Go To Heaven   (Self-Released)

Heejin Jang – A Portrait Engine   (Doom Mix Vol. II)

Solo1 – Unreleased #3

Negative Gemini – Rollercoaster   (100% Electronica)

SCRTS – Tails Tied Together   (Doom Trip)

NyQuil Madonna – Borderline   (Self-Released)

Bonus Fruit – Visions   (Pizza Beast)

Equip – Friendly Ghost (Umbra’s Theme)   (Equip / Yeetee Records)