Jennifer Herrema – The Banana Question (08.24.16)


“On the “Banana Question” show I will play whatever I feel like playing and will occasionally be curated by occasional guests…..Bananas? Bananas!!!”

      Jennifer Herrema – The Banana Question (08.24.16)


Royal Trux – Cut You Loose
Royal Trux – Andersonville
Royal Trux Gold Dust
(from a 1987 demo tape)

Leon Thomas – Na Na
Chuck Brown – The Message
Betty Davis – Political Man
Josefus – Hard Luck
Dam Funk – The Hunt and Murder of Lucifer
Basil & Rogers – Flavie and the Wolf
The Summer Hits – Ain’t No Grease Allowed

Sadistic Candle mix one

Miles Davis – Sivad
Earthless – Acid Crusher
Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
The Avalanches – The Wozard of Iz
Maxo Kream – Smoke Break
Schoolboy Q – Dope Dealer
Brick City Troopers – Splice it Up Nice
Ernie Isley – Rising From The Ashes
Cabaret Voltaire – Do Right
George Brigman – Pull Your Pants Down
Underground Resistance – Eye of the Storm