Jennifer Herrema Jason Yates – The Banana Question (10.24.18)


“On the “Banana Question” show I will play whatever I feel like playing and will occasionally be curated by occasional guests…..Bananas? Bananas!!!”

      Jennifer Herrema – The Banana Question (10.24.18)


Lonnie Holley – I Woke Up In a Fucked Up America
Viagra Boys – Sports
Brandon Coleman – Sexy
The Webs – It’s So Hard To Break A Habit
Ruben Bell – Another Day Gone
The Johnson Spiritual Singers – Don’t Let the Devil Ride
Royal Trux – Everday Swan
Royal Trux – Get Used To It featuring Kool Keith
Young Thug – Rocket Man
Charge It To The Game – Doggy
Three 6 Mafia – Playa Hataz
Parlet – Wolf Tickets
Rodney O and Joe Cooley – Cooley High (Instrumental)
The Contents Are – Uni-Love
Sugluck – Fall Away
Sikumiut – Sikiumiut
The Drivers – Van Nuys
Steve Slaysman – LA You’re a Killer
Andy Robinson – Are You Sleeping
Dixie Nightingales – I would Not Be a Sinner
Master’s Apprentices – Rio De Camero
Dollete McDonald – Xtra Special
Weldon Irvine – It’s Funky
ONO – Model Bride
Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves
Roky Erickson – Two-Headed Dog
Kavinsky – Nightcall