Jasmin Blasco w/guest Paige Emery – Speak My Language (06.04.18)

Speak My Language proposes to explore the sound of words and the music beyond it.

Every month we will feature a guest to investigate a specific world of sound through a curated playlist.

Paige Emery is a painter and musician based in Los Angeles. Using DIY recording techniques, she crafts lo-fi pop laden with dreamy atmospheres, noisy dissonance, and offbeat sensibilities. Emery is apt to deviate from traditional song structure, utilizing melodic synth and guitar hooks, raw electronic percussion, and enigmatically effected vocals. A visual artist as well, Emery translates each song she creates into oil paintings and video art to produce an immersive multimedia experience.

      Jasmin Blasco w/guest Paige Emery – Speak My Language (06.04.18)


Moor Mother – Hardware – Crime Waves
AQXDM – Aegis – Bedouin Records
Emptyset – Skin I – Skins
Colin Stetson – Those Who Didn’t Run – Those Who Didn’t Run

Paige Emery LIVE SET

DIN – Saturate – Saturate EP – Ascetic House

Paige Emery Convo

Yura Yura – Cavale – Rumu Namba – Hands
Alex Tsang Huai – Paris Means Nothing Without You –
Lawrence English – Music For Lonely Women
Ellen Arkbo – For Organ And Brass – For Organ and Brass
Gabie Strong – Sacred Datura – Sacred Datura/Peaked Experience
Walker Harris English – Beyond Home – Walker Harris English

Jasmin Blasc – O Horizon/ Sound Spoken Word Piece