Induce – Dancing, Thinking, Loving, Listening “House Music” (01.18.18)


With Induce’s Dancing, Thinking, Loving, Listening, his new monthly show on dublab, Induce hopes to take listeners somewhere new with each episode. In keeping with his fondness for road trips and long car rides leading to who knows where, once a month Induce’s Listening travels across new landscapes, each different from the last. And like any good adventure sometimes proves, there might be no point at all aside from what happens simply between the beginning and the end.

      Induce - Dancing, Thinking, Loving, Listening (01.18.18)


1. Mike Delgado – Byrdman’s Revenge
2. Eric Powell – Funkkkkked Up
3. Paul Johnson – The Hole Is Mine
4. Statecircle – Dubrock
5. Big Bang Theory – Haven’t Been Funked Enough (Seamus Haji Mix)
6. Uneek – Starbus
7. Hott22 – Voices In The Street
8. Ralphi Rosario – Take Me Up (Gotta Get Up) – Fire Island’s Vox Mix
9. Dayeene – And It Hurts (Olav Basoski Remix)
10. Bobby Brown – Humpin Around (House Remix)
11. High Spies & D’Layna – Better Days (Alex & Olav Classic Dub)
12. Slam – Positive Education (Derrick Carter & Chris Nazuka By All Means Revamp)


13. Percy Filth – Show Me Your Monkey (Riton Rerub)
14. Channel One – Technicolor
15. Masters At Work – Alright Alright
16. Spike Rebel & Ice – Get On Up (The Acidic Jack Track)
17. Asylum – Instrumental Ward
18. ? – Wait
19. Revenge – Pineapple Face Calls It A Day
20. Jungle Wonz – Time Marches On
21. Raw Sex – Suck It Deep
22. Mr. Lee – I Can’t Forget (Forgotten Mix)
23. Mario Diaz – Can You Feel It (Feel The Acid Mix)
24. Limelife – I Wanna Go Bang