Greg Belson w/guest DJ FOOD aka Strictly Kev – The 45 Live Radio Show


45 Live is a collective of DJs from across Europe and the USA who have come together to indulge in and celebrate their love of the mighty 45rpm 7″ single. Hailing from all corners of popular and niche music scenes, from their own individual projects and record labels, the single minded love of the 45 is what drew them all together to celebrate this most enduring format. Created by UK based DJs Boca 45 and Pete Isaac, 45 Live is fast growing into a record label, festival circuit events brand, regular club night session and now radio show hosted by team member and highly respected LA based DJ on the rare soul/funk scene Greg Belson. It’s about the love of music, the love of vinyl and having a fine old time of it. Whatever you do, keep it 45.

This week, we have an audio terrorizer of epic proportions scorch the studio with the mighty mighty sounds on little records. From the iconic Ninajtune label and 45 Live Crew royalty, we welcome;


Read about his life through 45’s right here;

And check out the wiki entry here;

It’s all about the cross pollination of styles for the one they call Strictly Kev….as adept at slingin’ an acid house set as he is a jazz hoedown. To cliche, expect the unexpected….the thing is….it’s the truth. Tune in and lend a lug to the selections of one of the best to ever doowit.

Your host Greg Belson will be selecting beats, pieces, rarities, forgotten funk, serious soul and anything else he can grab from his well stacked crates. It’s a celebration of the 7″ single like no other, so join us please!

We broadcast on from 8pm US PDT (4am UK time), perfect to tune in live for the pre-club sessions in California, and the back-to-mine party in the UK!

      Greg Belson w/guest DJ FOOD aka Strictly Kev - The 45 Live Radio Show


DJ Format – 45 Live Theme

Set One by DJ Greg Belson

Mel Allen – Greatest moments in sports
The Vagabonds with Jimmie Hines – Jimmie’s blues
Jayson Lindh – Good time Charlie’s got the blues
Harold Betters – Do anything you wanna (part II)
Fred Ford – Preachin’ jazz
Lou Donaldson – Say it loud
Grant Green – Sookie sookie
Alvin Cash – Stone thing
Melvin Sparks – Who’s gonna take the weight
Idris Muhammad – Super bad
Charlie Earland – Sing a simple song
Fred Johnson – A child runs free

Guest Mix in session featuring DJ STRICTLY KEV aka DJ FOOD

Nervous Norvus – Dig
Stereolab – Solar Throw-Away
Daisy Clan – Love Needs Love
Dick Hyman – Give It Up Turn It Loose (SJ re-edit)
Tom Dissevelt – Vibration
By Cracky! – The By Cracky Beat
Ilia Gorovitz – Turmoil
Marshall McLuhan – The Medium Is The Massage
Paul Reid – Sounds of Expo67
East of Eden – Jig-A-Jig
K. Pythacunthapusherectus – Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession Pt.2
Tom Dissevelt – Intersection
The Protein Bros – Cholo
Mr. Holmes & The Brotherhood – Thrift Store Score
Peter Jones as the book – Disaster Area Narration
Nevermen – Mr Mistake (Boards of Canada remix instrumental)
Markey Funk – Witch Doctor
MNP – Dip-Dab
Various Artists – Calibre Cuts
Jocko – Rhythm Talk Pt.1
Grandmixer D. St – Crazy Cuts
Rochelle – My Magic Man (Machine Gun Dub-edit)
Art of Noise – Beatbox
Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop
Orbital – Numbers
Chris ‘The Glove’ Taylor & David Storrs – Reckless

Set Two by DJ Greg Belson

Jimmy & Eddie – Stop think it over
The Sensational Five – Coming on strong, staying long
Rev. O.C. Tolbert and the Blues Congregation – Hard times
The Royal Gospel Singers – There’s no hope for this world
The Charles Hayes Singers – Road of life
The Modulations of Durham, North Carolina – Who’s going to lose
The Gospel Classics – Don’t let hate tear it down
Power and Light – Stand up America, don’t be afraid
Sons of Jehovah – One day it’ll all be over
Gospel Ambassadors – This little light of mine