Greg Belson – The Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 77 (11.22.17)

DCGS Divine Disco Club Sessions - Boogie Monster

A series of monthly radio shows hosted by Greg Belson on, dedicated to gospel soul, funk and spirituals from the 1960’s thru to the 1980’s.

The Divine Chord Gospel Show branches out into gospel influenced cuts and artists that crossed over to performing secular cuts too; so plenty of rarities all played from original vinyl, either on 45 or LP format. The Divine Chord Gospel Show Facebook Page

The next DCGS is locked and loaded, ready to spill outta your speakers on 25th October 2017. It’s a return to the regular format of the show, heading into undocumented funky soul territory as well as breaking out the downtempo, deeper more spiritual business. It’s an all 45 rpm broadcast, so tune in and join us for an hour’s worth of music you might not have heard before.

      Greg Belson – The Divine Chord Gospel Show (11.22.17)


Flying Stars of Brooklyn, N.Y. ‘My God has a telephone (Colemine Devotional Series)
Swan Millard ‘God will provide’ (Gospel Sound)
Travelers of Zion ‘Blind man’ (Gospel United)
Sensational Voices of Faith ‘You get a blessing in God’ (Morning Son)
World’s Travelers ‘It’s a long journey home’ (Whirl Hill)
Southern Tones ‘Waiting for my child’ (SST Unlimited)


Brother Jones ‘Peace in my soul’ (Johnson)
Tyrone & the Fantastic Golden Stars ‘Jesus is my friend’ (Talk of the Town)
Southern Quintet ‘Jesus sit, and look low’ (Soul Po-tion)
Lillie Bowman and the Singing Angels ‘All I need is Jesus’ (Emerald)
Traveling Kings ‘Three hours on Calvary’ (Traveling Kings)
Spiritual Travelers ‘You must be born again’ (S-T)


Josephine Dicks & the Rock Gospel Informations ‘He captured my soul’ (Su-Ann)
Hurricane Travelers ‘I want to know’ (By Opportunity)
Prophets of Joy ‘Serve you Jesus’ (POJ)
Rahni Harris & the Family Love ‘Finding happiness’ (Emprise)
Whispering Smith ‘Why am I treated so bad’ (Excello)
Flying Stars of Brooklyn, N.Y. ‘Live on’ (Colemine Devotional Series)