George Jensen & Heavy Hymns w/guest Noel Meek, Patrick Shiroishi, Peter Kolovos – Quietudes (07.12.18)

Out of the mutual appreciation for the gentle sounds from 1980’s ECM records, yacht rock, marimbas, fourth world music but also the easy folk-rock music you hear while taking a drive after partying till the morning and wanting to watch the sun come up, the Quietudes want to soundtrack those moments for you.

Noel Meek visited again from New Zealand to bring the skronk!!!

Re-joining broken-angel saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi and noise-guitar legend Peter Kolovos to reform their power improv trio and celebrate their upcoming album on Astral Spirits: “The Master Speaks Thrice”.

Noel Meek + Peter Kolovos + Patrick Shiroishi

“The curse of contrived seriousness is often the Achilles heel of experimental music. Not in the hands of Noel Meek. Meek’s joyous approach to music [is] evocative of a child joyously colouring with no regard for keeping within the lines.” – The Wire

Noel Meek is an improvising electronic musician from Wellington, New Zealand. His solo work has been described as “sheer joy . . . unexpectedly bottled in analogue gizmo rituals.” (The Wire), “chaotically playful noise music,” (The Quietus) and “pretty whacked,” by Byron Coley. He has played and recorded with the likes of Sun Araw, Lasse Marhaug, Richard Youngs, Mette Rasmussen, Neil Campbell, Alexander Tucker, Tetuzi Akiyama and Bruce Russell.

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Peter Kolovos has a distinct style of annihilating common notions of guitar playing. Bruce Russell once likened his playing to “Derek Bailey covering The Resident’s Duck Stab,” while David Keenan has described him as having the “dexterity of Bailey directed more towards Mars-style tonal confusion.” Whichever take makes more sense, each Kolovos performance carries its own internal logic, a methodical and fervent approach to randomness that bleats pure emotion and raw skill.

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Patrick Shiroishi is a Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. He explores solo saxophone in acoustic and electronic settings, as well as in several improvising units. He leads an instrumental quintet Black Sun Sutra and collaborates in brutal prog unit Upsilon Acrux, Zeuhl Band Corima as well as the sax-drum duos in the Womb & Oort Smog. He has toured the United States as well as Europe.

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      Heavy Hymns & George Jensen w/guest Noel Meek, Patrick Shiroishi, Peter Kolovos – Quietudes (07.12.18)


1. Luiz Bonfa – On The Sand (1971)

2. Pat Metheny – Are You going With Me? (1982)

3. Louise Arthur – Ackee Beat (????)

4. Aqueduct Ensemble – C., Backlit (2018)

5. Ellis Island Sound – Data Centre (1999)

6. M. Geddes Gengras – Ha’akulamanu (2018)

7. Akis – New Age Rising (Part 1) (1987)

8. Steve Roach / Kevin Braheny / Richard Burmer – A Story From The Rain (1987)

9. Landis – Reverie (1996)

10. Barre Phillips – Ingul-Buz (1979)

11. Airto – Parana (1973)

12. Antonio Zepeda – Yesterday Is Not Today and Today Will Not Be Tomorrow (1986)

13. Little Robot Voice – Construction & Learning Is Structure (2003)

14. The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam with Bill Bruford & Keiko Abe – Redbone (1987)

15. Thread – Null Tributary (1999)

16. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Downfall (2018)

17. Amp – Soft Stone Soul (1996)

18. Michael Beharie & Teddy Rankin-Parker – So Much Trash (2018)

19. Derek Rogers – The Importance of Aesthetics (2014)

20. Jeff Witscher – I Dare You (2018)

21. Berko – Dove (2018)

Live performance by Noel Meek & Patrick Shiroishi