Gabie Strong & Evelena Ruether guest hosting – Long Wave (03.09.18)

Long Wave: suspending time and immersing the listener in a widescreen of sound

This episode is guest hosted by Gabie Strong & Evelena Ruether

      Gabie Strong & Evelena Ruether guest hosting – Long Wave (03.09.18)


Yoshi Wada – Off the Wall I & II – Side 1
G: Dale Pendell. Pharmakognosis, p.97-98
E: Bill Callahan, Letters to Emma Bowlcut, Letter 20-21
Emuul – the drawing of the line, side b
G: Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower, p. 83, 176-177
E: maya angelou – reverses
E: lainey racah – Georgia
G/E: R.D. Laing
E: R.D. Laing
Opal – Happy Nightmare Baby – Happy Nightmare Baby
Leah P – Live in Japan
Maki Asagawa – Side D #2

Takashi Kazamaki & Zeena Parkings – 143 Ludlow St. NYC
+Oiseaux et fauves d’Afrique (Birds and wild beasts of Africa), 1. Kenya
G: A Field Guide to Western Birds: Raptors.
E: Maggie Nelson Bluets
G: Maya Angeplou, Caged Bird
Ursula Bogner-Voices and Tape Music Side B
Everyday Loneliness, false validations
E: Anais Nin- Hejda, from Under a Glass Bell and other stories
Zoviet France – 7”10”12”
Acoustic Deconstruction by Jacqueline Gordon for the Lab SF – Ingrid Lee, Softer Spaces
Recipes for Living and Loving, Laura Huxley
Belong-Same Places (slow version)