frosty’s wide awake wandering winter wonderland

I’ve had the fantastic fortune to hop, skip and jump through many wonderful lands. These looping curves around our lovely sphere have allowed my mind to radiate with the beautiful diversity that bustles behind bushes abroad. With eyes open wide I’ve found that each hood has its own far out flavor. These unique shades spring to life especially vibrantly as the year winds down and holiday festivities wind up. Bright stars align and folks find time to express themselves through personal traditions. Let’s explore the world’s magic moments.

in Norway the skies open sideways as needs disappear.

meanwhile magic pheasants dance on Moroccan moon rocks

in Columbia crystal feathers appear in cloudbursts.

in Spain it seems peacocks pluck piano strings.

elsewhere gypsies twirl with hands full of stars.

Russian nesting dolls discuss disco dynamics with all who have ears.

under the Indian Ocean you’ll find beings that sparkle with seventh sense.

in polar places icebergs let it all hang out.

Japanese daughters drift with their dreams on high beam.

in Egypt imaginary Inuits sing in chorus, “ooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaah.”

eyesight improves indoors in Nigeria. suddenly they see the bright future.

canyons ring their reverb revels through the American West.

manatees spread magic messages over Malaysian phone lines.

Uruguay rolls out red carpets for champion chinchillas.

and in your world all is good.