Frosty w/guests DRINKS – Celsius Drop (12.06.18)

Each week dublab co-founder Frosty guides you through an exploration of the vast Future Roots music spectrum on Celsius Drop. Tune-in to reach those outer realms.

This time around, we sipped from the cup of destiny with special guests DRINKS. The duo of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley are known to bend reality to brilliant effect as evidenced on their recent album Hippo Lite out now on Drag City. They lit up the listening path and filled us in on the space they embraced to bring their album into beyond. Disconnect from the static and enter the otherworldly side with DRINKS as your guide.

      Frosty w/guests DRINKS - Celsius Drop


DRINKS – Real Outside
DRINKS – In the Night Kitchen

– talk –

Aksak Maboul – Modern Lesson
Meredith Monk & Don Preston – Beginning
Colleen – Winter Dream
Anna Domino – Everyday I Don’t
Rosa Yemen – Larousse Baron Bic
Blurt – Trees

– talk –

DRINKS – Greasing Up
Golden Teacher – No Luscious Life
Chris & Cosey – Morning
Joel Graham – Geomancy
Carol – So Low
Mikan Mukku – Kan

– talk –

DRINKS – Blue from the Dark
White Fence – Lorelei