Frosty w/guest Julia Holter – Celsius Drop (02.07.19)

Each week dublab co-founder Frosty guides you through an exploration of the vast Future Roots music spectrum on Celsius Drop. Tune-in to reach those outer realms.

This time around, Frosty was joined by Julia Holter who shared music selections to float us into realms bygone and far beyond. She shared songs from her circle of peers, illuminating their collective interest in sounds stretching outside the here-and-now to touch the edges of eternity.

      Frosty w/guest Julia Holter - Celsius Drop (02.07.19)


“Colligere” — Julia Holter

“Can vei la lauzeta mover” –Bernart da Ventaborn — performed by Leigh Nixon

“Puisque bele dame m’eime/Flos Filius Eius” — Ramona Gonzalez

“Memories of Green” — Vangelis

“Fractals (Truth 3)” — Jessica Moss

“The Mystery Sonatas, The Five Sorrowful Mysteries, 6. The Sweating of Blood: Lamento” — Franz Biber–performed by John Holloway, Davitt Moroney

“Curva Triangulus” (excerpt) — Catherine Lamb

“L’ombre de nos silences” — Delphine Dora

“Saa Niñi Ya’a” — Carmina Escobar

“Paid” — Malini Sridharan

“Affection” — Tirzah

“Censor” — Simone Forti

“Eclipsed Subject” — Lucrecia Dalt

“Wait For Me” — Vangelis

“Plus bele que flors/Quant revient/L’autrier jouer/FLOS FILIUS EIUS” — Gothic Voices, Christopher Page

“Kyema Mimin” — Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts