Frosty w/guest Hines Buchanan – Celsius Drop (01.31.19)

Each week dublab co-founder Frosty guides you through an exploration of the vast Future Roots music spectrum on Celsius Drop. Tune-in to reach those outer realms.

This week Frosty was overjoyed to welcome Hines Buchanan onto the show during the second hour. This occasion coincides with the release of his newest album Mere Exposure. Tune-in and read on for more.

      Frosty w/guest Hines Buchanan - Celsius Drop (01.31.19) - Frosty w/guest Hines Buchanan



Sourakata Koite – Seremende
Konte Family – Hamma Ba
Lole e Manuel – Tierra Que Canta
Brigitte Fontaine – Comme a la Radio
Can – Half Past One


Steamtrap Phone- Hines Buchanan
Animated Suspence- Hines Buchanan
Active- Hines Buchanan
TempleTempo- Hines Buchanan
Let’s Hear It!- Hines Buchanan
That’s It- Riddlore
Rednecks- Randy Newman
Moanin’ at Midnight- Howlin Wolfe
Can I- Devin The Dude
Lana Futura- Hines Buchanan
Weight Remix- Thavius Beck
Mere-Exposure- Hines Buchanan



Hines Buchanan’s career reads like pillars across the drafting plan of the L.A. hip hop scene. After being handed a copy of Rap Pages by KRS-One, before he was old enough to drive he secured an internship at the magazine, working with J Smoov’s B-Boy Kingdom at the heart of the business of grassroots distribution and promotion.

That led him to the legendary Project Blowed, where he worked behind the scenes for over a decade, began touring as hypeman and DJ for Aceyalone, and learned production techniques from the Rhymin’ Riddlore. He went on to further explore A&R, corporate promotion, and music software, and has proven himself to be one of the rare few who can keep his balance on the line between businessman and artist.

An encyclopedia of entertainment knowledge, he has created a collection of comedic characters with a roster of dead-on impersonations ranging from Barack Obama to the RZA. His voice work has been featured on Handsome Boy Modeling School’s “White People” album and Souls of Mischief’s “Montezuma’s Revenge”.
He continues to work with Aceyalone live and in the studio, and is constantly pushing boundaries with his musical and comedic skills. Hines is helping breathe a new breath of life into the West Coast scene.