From a den of wolves Music sneaks out into the morning sun. It has left the sinister pack sleeping to make its escape. Music moves swift and light over scattered branches and wet leaves, each step a great risk. After a long captivity its first moments of freedom are filled with electric hope and a fear-fueled haste. Each year its imprisonment had become more terrible. The wolves paranoia swelled as the world’s yearning for Music increased. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Under the cruelty of its oppression Music’s once vast beauty had been constricted to a tightly protected flicker, still brilliant but well guarded. Through the dark days Music drew strength from this beautiful glimmer and vowed to never let it be snuffed. Now with bonds broken the beauty blossomed rapidly: exploding, unfolding, intensifying. Music’s structure stretched with the power of its presence. Finally the physical form dissolved and all became radiant. Faster than future light Music filled the universe, never again to be captured or contained. Damn straight.

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