Domenic Priore – ’66 Sunset Strip (07.23.18)

Take a trip to ’66 Sunset Strip with show host Domenic Priore as Dublab steps into the wayback machine and revisits 1960s Hollywood nightclubs like The Trip, Hullabaloo, Whisky a Go Go and Pandora’s Box.

      Domenic Priore – 66 Sunset Strip (07.23.18)


The Johnny Otis Show — “Harlem Nocturne”
Rene Touzet — “El Loco Cha Cha”
Richard Berry — “Louie, Louie”
Don & Dewey — “Koko Joe”
The Hollywood Flames — “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz”
Ike & Tina Turner — “I Idolize You”
Sam Cooke — “Shake”
The Olympics — “Bounce”
Brenton Wood — “Gimme Little Sign”
Ornette Coleman — “The Disguise”
The Fabs — “That’s The Bag I’m In”
The Fabs — “Dinah Wants Religion”
The Lyrics — “They Can’t Hurt Me”
The Sloths — “Makin’ Love”
Ken & the Fourth Dimension — “See If I Care”
Ty Wagner — “Slander”
The Monacles — “I Can’t Win”
The Syndicate — “My Baby’s Barefoot”
The Syndicate — “The Egyptian Thing”
The Spiders — “Don’t Blow Your Mind” (pre-Alice Cooper)
The Hush Puppies — “Look For Another Love”
The Spiders — “No Price Tag” (pre-Alice Cooper)
The Hush Puppies — “Hey, Stop Messin’ Around”
The Mustangs — “That’s For Sure”
Puddin’ Heads — “Now You Say We’re Through”
The Cavaliers — “Seven Days of Cryin’”
Adrian Lloyd — “Lorna”
Just Too Much — “She Gives Me Time”
Dave Myers & the Disciples — “Come On Luv”
John English III & the Heathens — “I Need You Near”
The Turncoats — “Something Better”
GMC & the Arcells — “The Witch”
Lord Charles & the Prophets — “Ask Me No Questions”
Unknown Group — “When I Feel Better”
Johnny Jay Colonna — “The Sea Witch”
Bonnie Wagner w/ The Revels — “Luau”
The Beach Boys — “Luau”
The Bonaires w/ Bernie Kaii Lewis Orchestra – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Olapa”
The Deep Six — “Rising Sun”