DJ White Rainbow w/guest Byron Westbrook – THOUGHTS? (11.10.15)


DJ WHITE RAINBOW – “THOUGHTS?” aka “Trader Joe’s Gift Card Audio Service” aka “Focus VS Float” aka “Salad Inspirational”

flights of fancy,
works in progress,
various vague ideas,
investigations into shifting aesthetic values,
distracted fractal discoveries,
looped and submerged repetitions,
various grooves,
and refracted thoughts
focus and float

Adam Forkner aka WHITE RAINBOW is a music producer and musician with a wide range of credits, influences and ideas. Starting his career in the late 90s with Northwest space-rock youth-group Yume Bitsu (K Records), Forkner emerged as WHITE RAINBOW in the early 00s with explorations into sound for stalwart labels Kranky, Marriage, States Rights, Yarnlazer, Gnar and others. Along the way he has collaborated with a bevy of heavies, from Jackie-O Motherfucker to the Dirty Projectors to Little Wings and Devendra Banhart to Yellow Swans, Valet, and Rob Walmart. He even had a wacky R&B duo for a while. A studio nut, he’s recently moved to Los Angeles after two decades in Portland, OR. He’s still adjusting to the weather and need for perpetual sunglasses.

This months episode features Byron Westbrook who played a short but sweet live set.

      DJ White Rainbow w/guest Byron Westbrook - THOUGHTS? (11.10.15)


Robert Quine Fred Maher – Stray – Basic – Editions EG
Byron Westbrook – Live in Studio
Kurt Reimann – Abstract – Electronic Nightworks – Innovative Communiation
Allan Holdsworth – Non Brewed Condiment – Atavachron – ?
Eberhard Weber – Touch – Yellow Fields – ECM
Charles Berlitz – Fourth World Magazine Presents The SPectacle of Light Abductions –
??? – Water Copy – Music for Nine Postcards
Youtube user name and Lyricon 1 player “BANANA Mr.” – TAKARAJIMA (by THE SQUARE aka T-Square) – Youtube
Bruford – Hell’s Bells – One Of A Kind –
Yasuaki Shimizu – Kakashi – Kakashi –
Hiroshi Sato ft Wendy Matthews – You’re My Baby – Awakening –
Hiroshi Sato ft Wendy Matthews – Blue and Moody Music – Awakening –
Tania Maria – Come With Me – Come With Me Now –
T- Square – Live (youtube)
Rob Walmart – Everybody Hurts
HAMA – Ataraghine (Agaly Bekaye) – Torodi 0 Sahel Sounds
Haruomi Hosono – Birthday Party – Philharmony
Midori Takada – Crossing – Through the Looking Glass –
Michael Brook – Hybrid – Hybrid – Editions EG
Music For Sensuous Lovers – Climax 1 – Music for Sensuous Lovers
Allan Holdsworth – Where is One – I.O.U.