DJ Lady C w/guest Chaynler Joie – Rare Air (09.23.18)

Rare Air is a product of its time and space, not adhering to any specific genre but rather whatever the wind blows into DJ Lady C’s consciousness. Roots reggae & dub records, classical cassettes, avant-garde electronic CDs, ambient and new age experimental media – Rare Air is a mixed bag made possible by the human experience of living in the 21st century in the City of Angels, surrounded by inspiration, noise, the constant hustle, and countless record stores full of treasure and good people.

This episode featured guest Chaynler Joie!

      DJ Lady C – Rare Air (09.23.18)


1. SaM-FunK – Come On Outside
2. Ongjoko – You’d Love Him To
3. Max Baer & Griffin O’Neill – Touch ft. Quran Shaheed
4. Rejoicer – Lucid Intent
5. Kyvita – Improvised Live on The Build
6. Devonwho – phase2
7. Dre’es – A Circle
8. Jay Cue – No Friendzone
9. BlackNile – Outro
10. BlackNile – Noisey
11. Jazmen Sefina – Green Tea
12. Maylee Todd – Virtual Life
13. Okinawa Delays ft. Satoko Ishimine- Lotta Love (Willie Graff Remix)
14. Garrett –

Chaynler Joie live set

15. Lonnie Liston Smith – Said (Egypt)
16. Leon Lowman – Narrow River
17. Ponzu Island – B-side
18. DaM-FunK – In The City
19. Seaside Lovers – X’s and O’s
20. Brandon Coleman – There’s No Turning Back