DJ AZZURRO, Calm – “Radio Collective” #106 live from Malmö Tokyo (6.24.15)


The Labrat DJ AZZURRO produced the 12th session of “Ultimate Breaks & Beats Session”. He picked up SBR512 that is including “Funky Drummer”, the biggest break in the series, and closed and introduced his sampling science. And, Calm produced the 4th session of his regular program “Knocking on Loft Classics”. He analyzed David Mancuso’s selection with wide ranged pick ups. Radio Collective #106 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (6.24.15)

Every Wednesday the team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for “Radio Collective”. If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 9pm Tokyo time / 4am Los Angeles time. Radio Collective #106 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (6.24.15)

AZZURRO – Ultimate Breaks & Beats Session #12:

1. Junie Morrison / Granny’s Funky Rolls Royce(Westbound)

2. James Brown / Funky Drummer(King)
3. Dr. Dre / Let Me Ride(Death Row)

4. The Mohawks / The Champ(Pama)
5. The Notorious B.I.G. / Machine Gun Funk(DJ Premier Remix)(White)

6. Aerosmith / Walk This Way(Columbia)
7. Digital Underground feat. 2pac / Same Song(Tommy Boy)

8. Thin Lizzy / Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed(Mercury)
9. The Prodigy / Breathe(XL)

10. The Soul Searchers / Ashley’s Roachclip(Sussex)
11. Eric B. & Rakim / Paid In Full(Seven Mintes Of Madness – The Coldcut Remix)(4th & B’way)

12. Chicago Gangsters / Gangster Boogie(Gold Plate)
13. LL Cool J / Mama Said Knock You Out(Def Jam)

14. T-Connection / Groove To Get Down(Dash)
15. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo / I Declare War(Hot Chillin’)

Calm – Knocking on Loft Classics Vol.4:

1. Universal Robot Band / Dance and Shake Your Tambourine (Red Greg)
2. The Rolling Stones / Miss You (Rolling Stones Records)
3. Ednah Holt / Serious, Sirius Space Party – Club Version (West End)
4. Don Ray / Standing in the Rain (Polydor)
5. Stevie Wonder / All I Do (Motown)

(I wish, I hope) New Loft Classics…
6. Tim “Love” Lee / Standard Jazz (Peace Feast)