Daniel Troberg – Transition (12.15.17)


Daniel Troberg lives and breathes electronic music. Started dabbling with home computers in the 80s and discovering DJing, music production started soon there after. Being charted by such luminaries as Cari Lekebusch, DJ Rok, Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Richie Hawtin and a slew of others, Daniels production has also taken him DJing alongside people like John Tejada, Dan Bell, Claude Young, Juan Atkins, Arthur Baker to name a few. Daniel has been involved in electronic music instrument manufacturer Elektron Music Machines since 1999 and today he runs the US division of Elektron in Los Angeles, CA.

      Daniel Troberg – Transition (12.15.17)


Freddie Fresh – Slapped By Timmy’s Sounds

Robert Gorl – Do We Do We

CJ Bolland – Random

Jaguar – Untitled

Prodigy – Rip Up The Sound System

Man With Guitar – Man With Guitar

Boys Noize – Los Ninos

Capitan Commodore – Express

Clark – Christo

Autotune – Dirty (Woody Remix)

Jadir Zarate – Cloudness (Me & Myself Remix)

Kero & Marshall Applewhite – Rusty Drainpipe

Obi Blanche – Jajaja

Aphex Twin – Untitled

Moire – Drama Graden

Frak – Sudden Haircut

Avril – French Kiss

Autechre – Chenc9

Milanese – Flex

Meier & Erdmann – Mech Pilot

Dead Dred – Dread Bass