Cooper Saver – Far Away (02.06.18)

Far Away is a monthly party and cassette series in LA revolving around the sounds of cosmic disco, house, italo, left-field techno, and everything in between. For the monthly Dublab broadcast of Far Away, resident DJ and curator <a href=””>Cooper Saver</a> shares music reflecting the many colors of his project while inviting close friends, guests of the party, and collaborators to join in for a mix on occasion. Cooper Saver is a Los Angeles based DJ and producer. Responsible for the Far Away party and mixtape series, Cooper has brought out underrated and unique talent from overseas alongside regular local guests such as Secret Circuit, Peaking Lights, Suzanne Kraft, Lovefingers, and many others. He got his start as a music journalist in high school before spending most of his time collecting records and DJing in the LA area and abroad, but still continues to write today. Apart from music, Cooper enjoys the sunshine, skateboarding, getting lost in the mountains, and taking naps by the lake in echo park.

      Cooper Saver - Far Away (02.06.18)


Bartoszek – Edit Service 88 [I’m A Cliche]
Eva Geist – Urban Monogamy (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold remix) [Hivern Discs]
Alexis Le Tan – The Path [Wonders Ovze World / Idle Press]
Trevor Jackson – Qix [Pre-]
Melatonin Man – Garrol [Nous’Klaer Audio]
Tiago – Rider (Chida Edit) [Ene]
Massimiliano Pagliara – Villagigio Paradiso (On Acid) [Live At Robert Johnson]
Kelly Lee Owens – Bird (Prins Thomas Diskomix) [Smalltown Supersound]
DIN – Saturate [Ascetic House]
Ramjac Corperation – Cameroon Massif! (Massive Mix) [Emotional Rescue]
Block 16 – Electrokution [Balihu]
Weird Weather – Leather Chair [Going Good]
BBRB – Cat Slave (Powder Remix) [Fragrant Harbour]
Sekitova – Foetus Traum [Wasabeat]
Lord Of The Isles – Skylark [ESP Institute]
Chateau Flight – La Pregunta Dub [Permanent Vacation]
Mind Fair – Ceremony (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold remix) – Golf Channel
Andrea Parker – Too Good To Be Strange [Touchin Bass]
Mr Assister – Masonic Forest [BEAM]