Cat 500 – Aunt Mitzy’s Professional Radio Broadcast Transmission (02.23.18)


Aunt Mitzy (aka Cat 500) occupies an intimate corner of the universe that contains within itself a great vastness. Her “sprout session” is a string of interstellar secrets being whispered in your ear. This space chatter is created when a satellite crosses wires with a synthesizer. Like the tree falling in an empty forest, these sounds are usually silent as dust in a void but thanks to Aunt Mitzy′s diligent energy you can hear the buzz and crackle of the great beyond. Tune-in and she’ll re-transmit it to you in dubby verbatim.

      Aunt Mitzy - Aunt Mitzy's Radio Broadcast (02.23.18)


freaquency x – i shot him
bonnie banane feat ichon – mouvements
el b – serious zed bias mix
bappo banfi- fantasia di un planeta
boo williams- moon control
darlesia -my dream
baffled – goin on
lala 667 – bright
kaki santana
ns dos- intuition
ns dos – peso
jovonn- gotta party
sopica etrange enfant
freaquency x – scottish shock beat
sudan archives – time
vijay anand – when i say come